People, Places, and Things


If your subject’s gender is unknown or irrelevant, use “they,” “them,” and “their” as a singular pronoun. Use “he/him/his” and “she/her/her” pronouns as appropriate. Don’t use “one” as a pronoun. In general, try to use pronouns sparingly – relying on them too heavily can confuse readers.

  • Yes: The manager referred to their employees as “the lifeblood of the company.”
  • No: One never knows the lengths one will go to in order to protect one’s company.

Names and titles

The first time you mention a person in writing, refer to them by their first and last names. On all other mentions, refer to them by their last name.

  • First mention: “Angus Mackintosh is Co-Founder of CrossASEAN Research.”
  • Subsequent mentions: “Mackintosh expects market conditions to improve.”

When mentioning an Insight Provider in a blog post, link to their profile page on the Smartkarma platform. The link should be placed in the first mention of the IP’s name in the text.

Capitalise the names of departments and teams (but not the word “team” or “department”).

  • Marketing team
  • Investor Relations department

Capitalise individual job titles when referring to a specific role. Don’t capitalise when referring to the role in general terms.

  • Michael and Shaun are Content Editors at Smartkarma.
  • The editors at Bloomberg have an eye for detail.


When quoting someone in a blog post or other publication, use the present tense. Sentences that are part of a quotation end in a comma instead of a full stop if your sentence continues after the quotation.

  • “Smartkarma provides me an excellent platform to broaden the reach of my Insights,” says Vandana Hari, Co-Founder of Vanda Insights.

URLs, websites, publications

Capitalise and italicise the names of publications. Capitalise the names of websites. Avoid spelling out URLs, but when you need to, leave out the http://www.

  • Sources told Reuters the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.
  • They found some great deals on


When using links within a text, place the link on nouns. Attention: this does not apply to Calls to Action buttons.

  • “Read our [Insights]”
  • “Add [your details]”
  • “According to the [annual report]”

When mentioning a specific Insight, link to that Insight on the Smartkarma platform.