One-sentence explainer

Written version: “Smartkarma is the independent investment research network that brings together independent Insight Providers, institutional investors, private accredited investors, and corporate IR professionals and management.”

Spoken version: “Smartkarma is an investment research network that unites independent Research Providers, Investors, and Investor Relations Professionals.”

Alternative spoken version: “Smartkarma is an independent online network that publishes institutional-level investment Insights for private and professional Investors.”

Bullet point version (a.k.a. The CliffsNotes):

  • “Smartkarma is an online network of independent analysts, investors, and investor relations professionals.”
  • “Our analysts publish unbiased, institutional-level research daily.”
  • “The platform allows for real-time communication between analysts, investors, and corporates.”
  • “The ‘Spotify’ of investment research according to Bloomberg – all research on the platform is available for a single subscription fee.”

To be used on sales materials and by sales people and other employees when describing the company in a few words.