• Write for all readers. Some people read every word you write. Others just skim through. Some will be topic experts and some will be laypeople. No matter the complexity of your topic, be clear and descriptive. Use short explainers for concepts that are not common knowledge. Avoid overly technical jargon. Getting technical is our Insight Providers’ job, not ours.
  • Focus your message. Make sure to create hierarchy in your content. Lead with the main point or the most important content, then expand on it. That applies to sentences, paragraphs, sections, and pages.
  • Get to the point. Get to the important stuff right away, and don’t bury the “lede”. Blog posts should be scannable and easy to digest. Break up your paragraphs into short chunks of three or four sentences and use subheads. Our users are busy and we should always keep that in mind.
  • Be concise. Use short words and sentences. Avoid unnecessary modifiers. Don’t feel like you need to have a Thesaurus handy for every sentence.
  • Be specific. Avoid vague language. Cut the fluff.
  • Be consistent. Stick to the copy patterns and style points outlined in this guide to ensure consistency in our writing. Consistency is more important than uniformity.