There are a few cases when we capitalise words:

  • In headlines: We capitalise the first letter of every word except articles, prepositions, and conjunctions. Examples:
    • Yes: Making IR Contact Details Easier to Find
    • Yes: The Power of Smartkarma’s Platform
    • No: How Gregory Yap from Sunpower Group is taking Investor Relations to the Next Level (here, “is” and “taking” are not capitalised)
    • No: Xiaomi IPO Preview: Hoping For a Fair Valuation (here, “for” is capitalised)
  • In sentences, we capitalise the first letter of the first word. Website URLs or email addresses are always lowercase. Words like “website”, “internet”, “online”, “email”, “ecommerce” are always lowercase, as they are part of every-day language at this point.
  • We capitalise specific terms that we want to associate with Smartkarma. Those terms are:
    • Research
    • Insight(s)
    • Insight Provider(s)
  • Other terms might need to be capitalised from time to time for marketing purposes, such as Investor Relations, Corporate Access, and so on. When that happens, maintain consistency whether you capitalise or not.