Digital Presentations

A Digital Template has been created in Google Slides as an on-brand starting point for your presentations and pitch decks. Please download it from the Google Slide Template Gallery.

SK Presentation Template-2019 1
SK Presentation Template-2019 2
SK Presentation Template-2019 3

Please study the colour ratio pie chart below to ensure your presentations and pitch decks remain on-brand.

To further ensure you remain on-brand please take note of the following:

  • It is extremely important that all digital and printed marketing material is branded with the approved versions of Smartkarma’s logo that have been downloaded from this Online Branding Guide. Every piece of communication is a branding opportunity.
  • Always ensure your use of the Smartkarma Logo remains as per the correct specifications above.
  • Do not introduce any new colours or typefaces into your presentation or pitchdeck.
  • Please be mindful that additional non-Smartkarma colours can be added into Google App templates through copying and pasting from other files. Please cross check your colour use with the colours on our Corporate Colour page.