Corporate Colours

Smartkarma’s corporate colours are a distinct and crucial part of our identity as they make us instantly recognisable. The colours have been carefully selected to both harmonise and compliment each other.

When applied consistently, our corporate colours provide a strong visual link, recognition and trust across various digital and printed materials and communications. This sets Smartkarma apart from our competitors. No colours other than those specified below may be used.

Hero Colour

Smart Teal is our hero colour. It was created by mixing our legacy colours Smart Blue and Karma Green. Smart Teal retains the freshness of the original colours whilst representing the maturing of our company.

Smart Teal
HEX: #24a9a7
RGB: 36, 169, 167

Corporate Colours derived from the Smartkarma Gradient

Wherever possible, please use Smart Teal, Keppel or Jade, as Gradient One and Gradient Two are only to be used in charts and diagrams.

Smart Teal

HEX: #24a9a7
RGB: 36, 169, 167

Gradient One
RGB: 50, 172, 14
HEX: #39ae86
RGB: 57, 174, 134
Gradient Two
HEX: #3fb07b
RGB: 63, 176, 123

HEX: #4db364
RGB: 77, 179, 100

Neutral Colours

Our selection of 7 neutral greys enhances, supports and contrasts Smart Teal. They help portray our personality which is bold, innovative and credible.

When applying these colours to text please follow the following rules:

  • Light backgrounds: Only use Active Black, Subtle Black and Grey Grey
  • Dark backgrounds: Only use Inactive Grey and Nearly White
White Smoke
HEX: #f5f5f5
RGB: 238,238,238
Nearly White
HEX: #eeeeee
RGB: 238,238,238
Inactive Grey
HEX: #cccccc
RGB: 204, 204, 204
Shady Grey
HEX: #999999
RGB: 153, 153, 153
Intelligent Silver
HEX: #707070
RGB: 112, 112, 112
Grey Grey
HEX: #555555
RGB: 85, 85, 85
Subtle Black
HEX: #3a3a3c
RGB: 58, 58, 60
Active Black
HEX: #1f1f20
RGB: 31, 31, 32

Investment Outlook Colours

Bullish Green and Bearish Red have been chosen to represent an Insight Provider’s positive or negative investment outlook. Bullish Green can also be used in charts to contrast Smart Teal.

Care should be taken to use these colours correctly to ensure consistency across our platform.

Bullish Green
HEX: #75ac33
RGB: 117, 172, 51
Bearish Red
HEX: #ac334b
RGB: 172, 51, 75

Highlight Colours

Our Highlight Colours have been chosen to add further visual contrast to our core colours. However, please use them sparingly. Using too many colours in any application can create a rainbow effect that does not correctly represent our brand.

Mellow Yellow
HEX: #f5d328
RGB: 245, 211, 40
Tea Orange
HEX: #f59331
RGB: 245, 147, 49
Ink Pink
HEX: #b63998
RGB: 182, 57, 152

Chart Colours

We have specifically selected sixteen colours to be used when generating charts. These include some of the colours from above and some additional colours to add contrast to detailed charts. They are to be used in Smartkarma’s Chartbuilder, Google Sheets and Microsofts Excel as well as other chart generating applications.

Mellow Yellow
HEX: #f5d328
RGB: 245, 211, 40
Tea Green
HEX: #e1e876
RGB: 225, 232, 118
HEX: #9fc571
RGB: 159, 197, 113
Bullish Green
HEX: #75ac33
RGB: 117, 172, 51
Sea Green
HEX: #1c896e
RGB: 28, 137, 110
Smart Teal
HEX: #24a9a7
RGB: 36, 169, 167
Glacial Blue
HEX: #05bdd9
RGB: 5, 189, 217
HEX: #86bbe5
RGB: 134, 187, 229
Utah Sky
HEX: #0276be
RGB: 2, 118, 190
HEX: #0d4567
RGB: 13, 69, 103
Intelligent Silver
HEX: #707070
RGB: 112, 112, 112
Subtle Black
HEX: #3c3c3c
RGB: 60, 60, 60