Smartkarma’s Corporate Typefaces are Roboto and PT Serif.

These typefaces are a fundamental part of our visual identity and help us achieve a unique and consistent look across our digital and printed materials. Therefore they must be used on all printed materials and communications.

No use of any other typeface is permitted as this will undermine the uniformity of our visual identity.


Roboto is to be used for Titles, Subtitles and/or Headings 1 to 6. It can also be used as body copy in instances where there is minimal body copy such websites and presentations.


PT Serif

PT Serif is ONLY permitted for body copy where maximum legibility is required.


Subsitute Fonts

When Roboto and PT Serif are unable be used, Roboto can be substitued with the computer's default sans-serif font (e.g. Arial or Helvetica), and PT Serif can be subsituted with the system’s default serif font (e.g. Times New Roman).

Dos and Don’ts of Smartkarma typography

  • Do use only Smart Teal and colours from our Neutral Palette with the exception of minimal highlighting
  • Do use a combination of uppercase and lowercase
  • Do align body copy flush left and ragged right
  • Do pay attention to leading/line-spacing/line-height

  • Do not use PT Serif for headings
  • Do not set any headings in Italic
  • Do not use all uppercase for headings or body copy
  • Do not use special effects such as shadows and underlying to emphasise type
  • Do not distort the typefaces
  • Do not position text where it is hard-to-read
  • Do not use Roboto Condensed as it is not part of our guidelines